The Feeling Of Meeting Someone You Play On Television

The Feeling Of Meeting Someone You Play On Television

A woman by the name of Sasheer Zamata recently met a tough challenge. She has been working for Saturday Night Live for a long time now. For the last couple of months, her job was to play the world-renowned singer Rihanna. All fans of Saturday Night Live say Sasheer did a wonderful job with her part. 

Sasheer was so nervous when she first met Rihanna. However, Rihanna made Sasheer feel right at home with a tight hug. Rihanna took no offense to Sasheer playing her on Saturday Night Live. In fact, Rihanna was happy with the performance. 

Sasheer and Rihanna hung out all day together. They truly enjoyed the company of each other. When nighttime came, however, everything began to change. This was mainly due to alcohol. Rihanna had too much to drink and was saying things she should not have been saying. 

Sasheer went to give Rihanna a hug and calm her down. At once Rihanna pushed her away. Sasheer told Rihanna from the beginning she thought there was something inside of Rihanna that did not the depiction showed on Saturday Night Live. Sasheer was very upset about this because she never did one thing to hurt Rihanna. She always said Rihanna was a wonderful singer. 

The worst part of it all is that these two met in the studio of Saturday Light Live. Rihanna had to perform at the end of a show, and she had to witness Sasheer performing her person for most of the night. Fans everywhere think Rihanna should slow down on drinking and spend more time finding her life. 


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