Khloe Freaks Over Kylie On Vacation, Calls Her Crazy

Khloe Freaks Over Kylie On Vacation, Calls Her Crazy

In Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” 17-year old Kylie Jenner continued to surprise many including her big sister Khloe. During the Sunday’s episode, Kylie is ready take up the slopes despite the risk that they are associated with. On the other hand Khloe freaks out about the whole issue and she actually says “this bitch is crazy” while referring to the beautiful Kylie. 

Accompanying Khloe and Kylie on the trip, which is on the peak of the mountain, is the whole Kardashian family and Khloe seems to be the one who is so afraid of the slopes. In the episode she can be head complaining about the mountain’s height. 

“We’re going to the highest peak there is on this mountain, and it’s one of the most dangerous,” she says adding that, “I’m shaking, and I’m literally so nervous. And Kylie’s as cool as a cucumber.”

Also in the episode you can tell that Khloe is surprised at how Kylie is not unfazed by declares and the dangers of the slope. 

Also accompanying the family in the trip is Scott Disicik who is surprisingly on his best behavior and very happy something Kourtney, 36, addressed.   

“In the past, Scott has always been such a Debbie Downer on most of our family vacations,” she says. “I think it’s great that he has been working on himself. I definitely notice a difference in his attitude, and I’m hoping that this is a change that will continue.”

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