3 Key Principles to Making a Good Action Film These Days

3 Key Principles to Making a Good Action Film These Days

Nowadays, usually the safest bets at the box office when it comes to action films are CGI-heavy, ensemble driven superhero flicks. It's getting a little bland now, and truly exciting action, that has you gripping your seat and your blood rushing, are harder to come by now. Here are some of the reasons behind the success of these films, and what film makers need to start considering more for action films: 

CGI is all well and good, but people tend to appreciate the skills and vision required to pull of good action scenes the old school way. Case in point – the new Mad Max film, where although CGI was used freely to enrich frames and add some effects otherwise unachievable, the main action was essentially pulled off through awe-inspiring stunt work and the use of pyrotechnics. 

Fluid, technically-rich fighting
Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a creatively executed, lightning-paced, close-quartered fight scene. The innovative hand-to-hand fights in the Bourne series of films, the jaw-dropping pace and skills on display in both the Raid films, and the brilliantly innovative gun-fighting in John Wick are excellent examples. 

Precise, captivating camera-work
For all the realism of the shaky-cam technique of filming action scenes, it cannot match the thrill and awe that good camera-work can evoke when it is focused on nailing the action with clarity, and with a view to capture the best angles to appreciate their execution. When the shots get creative, like with the use of loping cameras, the effect can be absolutely amazing. 

If film makers would only return to the basics so they have a good platform to exercise their creativity, instead of betting so heavily on CGI and gimmicks, the summer blockbuster season could be truly spectacular.

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