Plot/Characters of Maalik and In Order of Disappearance

Plot/Characters of Maalik and In Order of Disappearance

Foreign films have brought some of the most interesting and creative ideas and styles to the art, and this is true of the films ‘Maalik’ and ‘Order of Disappearance’.

Maalik is a 2016 thriller from Pakistan created by Ashir Azeem. The film focuses on political intrigue rendering it banned in Pakistan, the very country of origin. In the film, a family of Pashtun origin tries to survive the effects of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, which is working towards Karachi. The story follows feudal lords and other positions of authority and is a tale of intrigue, love, family, honor, and courage. The major characters are Majors Haider and Asad, as well as General Amjad, and Master Mohsin.

In Order of Disappearance is a 2014 black comedy and action film from Norway directed by Hans Petter Moland. Debuting at the esteemed Berlin International Film Festival, the film features a hard journey for a snow plough driver named Nils.

Nils goes on a journey to avenge his traditionally non-drug using son’s heroin-related death. Nils goes off alone to discover the truth behind the tragedy. He finds that the blame can be put on a local gang, more specifically, two men, as well as their boss.

In a dark journey for justice and revenge, Nils finds himself amidst a story of explosive violence and flaring tensions all around. Alongside Nils, the major characters include Papa, Strike, Aron Horowitz, Finn, Greven, and Marit.

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