Best Makeup Dupe List

Best Makeup Dupe List

When you are a sucker for makeup products and all of a sudden you realize that your favorite product has been discontinued, it is more than struggle to accept the fact. However, here’s a complete list of best makeup dupes that you can easily find in drugstore or high-end makeup brands. So, let’s check them out. 

MAC Carbon – The best dupes for MAC’s Carbon eyeshadow are Bulletproof from Sugarpill, Jet Black from LORAC, Blackout from Urban Decay. However, black eyeshadows in sleek eye palettes are even more pigmented and available at half the prize, or even less. 

Bobbi Brown White – This white eyeshadow has many dupes that you can get easily. #318 from Inglot, Linen from LORAC, Milk Jumbo Eye pencil from NYX, Coconut Cream from Too faced are some of its best dupes. 

MAC Red Lipstick – This lipstick has very close match available in the market. For instance, rich ruby from Maybelline, Ruby Woo from MAC, Charlotte from Mac, Cardinal from Mac are some of its closest suitors. 


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